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What is Futsal? 

Futsal is a form of indoor soccer. It originated in Uruguay in the 1930's as an alternative to full sized soccer.  Futsal was designed to play on Basketball sized courts both indoors and out, so that players without access to the luxuries of soccer could play a different sport.  Futsal has evolved into an international sport with its own World Cup competitions and various national leagues.  In the USA there are both regional and national level tournaments organized by USYF at a youth level.

Who are SFC?

SFC (Select Futsal Club) are a dedicated youth training program designed to provide training and competitive opportunities to players who want to do more.  SFC started in 2021 with a U10 Girls group travelling to the USYF regional tournament.  Through that tournament they qualified for the national event and other players started requesting training opportunities.  As of May 2021 we have sessions and players training from ages 2013 to 2008.  Each week we provide training sessions and pick up opportunities for all of these players.  We believe that as important as coaching and training is, we should still provide players with an opportunity to just play.  Our 'Pickup' sessions are cost effective and allow all players an environment to thrive.

Why SFC? 

SFC is a club built on confidence, effort and accountability.  We are nationally affiliated with USYF (US Soccer's Futsal Partner) and we provide our players with quality training environments.  Our sessions are based on the belief that those who attend are ready to give us 100%; everyone who trains with SFC is responsible for that aspect of training.  From there, we take that 100% effort and turn it into 100% enjoyment and development.  We give players a chance to succeed and objectively put that success into games and competition.  So long as players are accountable for their effort, we are accountable for their enjoyment and development.

Where are SFC Located and where do they train?

 All of our sessions are in Buckhead/Brookhaven.  We have facility agreements with multiple gyms in the area and have sessions at St James Church, Wieuca Road Baptist Church, Westminster School, CTK School amount other locations inside the perimeter of Atlanta.

When are the sessions? 

Our training sessions are currently on Friday evenings between 5 and 9pm.  We have Pickup sessions on Sundays between 5 and 9pm.

When is Futsal season/season? 

League and competition play happen in the Summer (May/August) and in the Winter (December/March).  SFC have sessions that run throughout the year to ensure there are always opportunities for you.

Can my son/daughter join a Futsal Club AND play Club Soccer? 

Absolutely, we encourage participation in Futsal both as a stand alone sport and as a development tool for Soccer.  Many Club programs have their own 'Futsal' programs on the side of their soccer program and we encourage you to explore those as well as Official Futsal programs like SFC.

How much is registration?

Each month we chare $90 for everything that we provide.  That includes 4 training sessions and 2 Pick Up nights.  For those who just want to come once we charge $22 and offer discounts up to 4 individual sessions.

What equipment do I need for Futsal? 

SFC have training uniforms available to purchase on this website.  All good sports stores have indoor soccer shoes available to you, but any shoes suitable for use on gym floors are acceptable.  Players should wear all of the same safety equipment they do for outdoor soccer.

SFC are 'affiliated' with USYF, what does that mean?  

USYF are the National Futsal Organization for youth programming in the USA.  USYF have coaching and playing standards that SFC are required to meet and by following them we receive coaching and programming support.  

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