Check the bottom of this page for the current monthly schedule and next months schedule.
You can also CLICK HERE for times and locations of all sessions.


Pick Up/Training

We know that sometimes you can't commit to every session in a month.  We offer less expensive packages that cover Pick Up sessions and/or Training.  There are always options available for you to join us. 


Plans change, we charge for each month and dont have any expectation that you have to sign up for the month after.  We wont be offended if you have too much going on!

Free Trial Session

We believe in what we do, so everyone can come and try our program for free.  Simply send us an email and we will schedule you into a session.

Monthly Registration

Futsal Season runs from September to March.  We also have a Summer Season running from May to July.

During these seasons our Monthly fee is $90 for training.  When we are in Winter/Summer leagues, these fees increase slightly to cover competition.

Summer Schedule.png
Summer Schedule (1).png